Who are we, as an organization?

Established in the year 1990, Basant Sahney Hospitals, located in West Marredpally, Secunderabad are units of Sant Singh Basant Kaur Sahney Trust, Mumbai. The hospital has distinction of being first Paediatric Hospital in private sector in the twin cities of Hyderabad & Secunderabad. We have multiple specialities, but main focus is on “Woman and Child Care”. We are the trendsetters in care of children of all ages – preterm or term neonates, infants, toddlers and pre-puberty children.

We specialize in community based Neonatal, Paediatric and Obstetrics & Gynaecological care at affordable rates. The hospitals take care of all aspects of health - physical, mental and social and take care of the beliefs and customs of our clientele.

What do we do? What do we offer as services and products?

The hospitals provide OPD, IPD and Day Care services in Paediatrics, Medicine, Cardiology, Surgery, ENT, Orthopaedic Surgery, Paediatric Surgery, Psychiatry, Dermatology and Cosmetology.

In patient services are available for different strata of society through General Wards and Special Wards along with Acute Medical Care, ICU and NICU facilities, fully supported by well equipped Operation theatres with laparoscope and labour rooms. Laboratory, ECG, Radiology and Ultrasonography services are available round the clock

Who do we cater to? Who are our customers, generally?

Being cost effective and ethical hospitals, Basant Sahney Hospitals have a large clientele base amongst all income groups of the society. The hospitals have tie-ups with almost all Insurance companies through their TPAs (Third Party Administrators). Our clients take pride in continuing patronising our hospitals in successive generations.

What is our value proposition? How are we different from other organizations providing similar services?

Many hospitals have come up in the neighbourhood but our old clients prefer to be associated with Basant Sahney Hospitals due to our highly experienced medical and paramedical staff showing courtesy and empathy in their dealings, coupled with high quality and dependable medical equipment. Our NICU has potential of providing level three care in neonatology.

What do we stand for? What are our guiding principles, ethos and values? - This is important to build an emotional connect with the reader.

Basant Sahney Hospitals are known for ethical practices and personal care. Our guiding principle is “serve the needy” and we offer best services suiting the budget of patients. Our patients maintain long term contacts with our hospital and attend our social functions along with their children often both parents and children born and taken care of, in our hospitals

What do we want to achieve? What is our mission? What are our goals?

Our vision is to excel in quality care to successive generations of our esteemed clients.

Our mission is to continue to be the leaders in providing affordable and quality care to all social strata of society.

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